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Live Concerts, Magic Shows, Animal Races, Kids’ Days, Sunshine Day and Senior Citizen Day and Non-Livestock Shows are just a few of the special  events you can find at the Montgomery County Fair & Rodeo. 


More than 65,000 patrons are expected every year with nearly 3,000 exhibitors ranging from Non-Livestock to Livestock exhibits, contests and shows. 


Our Scholarship program began with the Scholarship Trail Ride. Since the program began in 1993, over $2 million has been awarded to Montgomery County youth! In addition, portions of proceeds from the Auctions also contribute. 


Over the past twenty nine years, just the Livestock Auction alone has earned just under $20,000,000.00, paid back to the youth of Montgomery County!

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Anthony Bell

Rabbit Show Judge

Edward Schneider

Replacement Heifer Show Judge

Jake Pieniazek

Broiler Show Judge

David Korb

Barrow Show Judge

Jake Pieniazek

Turkey Show Judge

Dean Fuchs

Breeding Beef / Scramble Show Judge

Brendon Benson

Lamb Show Judge

Jeff Ripley

Goat Show Judge

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